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The South Dakota Planner's Association (SDPA) exists to promote planning and provide a forum for discussion of issues among professional planners, planning commissioners, elected officials, and all South Dakotans. SDPA is affiliated with the Western Central Chapter of the American Planning Association and Western Planner Resources. You receive direct access to all of the amazing opportunities and articles that Western Planner with your paid SDPA membership. Please feel free to submit articles to the Western Planner at anytime. Authors can even receive AICP credits. Visit www.westernplanner.org to learn more!

Member Benefits

  • Annual conference held usually each year in September/October-two days of learning and networking
  • Possible Joint Conferences with other organizations in our immediate states to help expand possibilities
  • Full access to all The Western Planner articles
  • Access to other members to solve current planning issues ( via e-mail and website )
  • Participation in business and committee meetings 
  • Due are assigned to individuals and are paid every two years

Membership Types and Rates

Membership type

 Price (every 2 years)

Professional Planner/Administrator/Staff (2 Year Membership Dues)  $50
Planning Commissioner or Elected Official (2 Year Membership Dues)


Student or Faculty (2 Year Membership Dues)  $20

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South Dakota Planners Association

Address: 23 2nd St. NE

Watertown, SD 57201

+1 (605) 882-6202, southdakotaplanners@gmail.com 

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